Omis is a small Central Dalmatian town with a Mediterranean atmosphere and it is the center of a beautiful 25 km long Riviera.

It is located on the delta of Cetina river, surrounded by sea and mountains, 25 km away from the second-largest Croatian city Split.

Omis is best known for its pirates but the history of the town dates back to ancient times. Medieval fortresses Mirabella and Fortica on cliffs above the town, clearly illustrate its significance. Important historical monuments mainly consist of sacred buildings, among which we can highlight almost 1000 year-old church of St. Peter.

Numerous beaches and bays decorated with Mediterranean vegetation can be found along the entire length of the Riviera. But, the city center has a large 700 meter long sandy beach appropriately called Big beach. In the immediate background of the city, river Cetina and its canyons cross the mountain ranges on their way to the sea.

Thanks to its unique location, Omis provides numerous opportunities for an active vacation. Some of the more popular sports are kayaking on Cetina, free climbing and zip-lining on nearby cliffs and hiking. In addition, in town and on beaches surrounding it, you can go swimming, diving and engage in various water sports.

In summer months Omis is full of events. Dalmatian singing groups and Pirate nights are particularly prominent. Those events evoke tradition and history as a part of the Cultural Summer Festival. Rich gastronomy is presented through many restaurants which are the best way to familiarize yourself with Mediterranean culinary tradition.

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